Descriptive Guide of Dentifrices And Mouthwashes

Group of Research in Dental Hygiene


Maintaining good oral health is directly linked to the quality of care administered daily and the dental professionals are the best source for obtaining prevention tools. A wide range of toothbrushes, adjuvants and toothpastes are available to them to meet the needs of their clientele. The multitude of toothpastes and mouthwashes on the market was becoming problematical; thus, a more thorough knowledge was imperative in order to better understand their ingredients and their impact on oral health, dental health and global health.

As a result, the Department of Dental Hygiene of Cégep Garneau went ahead with a study dealing with, among other things, the abrasiveness and pH of approximately 250 toothpastes. The research was initially conducted in 2004-2005 by Mrs. France Lavoie and a multidisciplinary team and continued in 2009 by Mrs. Nadia Dubreuil with the adding of mouthwashes acidity. The results were presented in the form of written documents.

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